Ecology Treasure of the Nature

We value and respect natural resources of the Armenian land. Our business targets innovative research programs for sustainable and modern development of fish breeding in the Republic of Armenia.

Nothing is more innovative than solicitous attitude to the environment.

Nothing is more precious than natural resources.

Modern history of sturgeons and their vanishing is a lesson for nowadays fish farming of how necessary a flawless and responsible behavior is.

Свежевыловленный осётр ARTEZIANICA
Quality Natural

Like all food products of natural origin caviar production is both simple and complicated. It only requires time, attention to detail, attention, respect and full control of each stage of the fish life from an egg to an egg.

For a perfect product the whole process has to be impeccable: water quality, attention to environmental protection to biodiversity, choice of partners which share the same values.

In ARTEZINICA we have been able to convert all of the above into reality for preservation and prosperity of Armenia and offer the best natural products to our customers.

Ararat Best of Nature

ARTEZIANICA production site is located in the unique place of our planet – the Ararat valley.

More than 700 meters above the sea level, 300 sunny days per year on the average.

There are no major settlements or plants within ten kilometers from the springs.

Purest artesian springs are suitable for drinking and are oxygen-rich.

The year-round temperature of 15 -18 Celsius provides a stable and steady growth of fish.

ARTEZIANICA’s springs originate on the tops of the biblical Mount Ararat – from the very place where Noah landed his berth.

Идеальная экология Армении