Sturgeon is one of the oldest fish on earth, the contemporary of dinosaurs. And when they swim in clear water of our springs, with their movements, quiet black shadows they remind us of the legendary prehistoric era.

Sturgeon was considered a delicacy in Egypt, Phoenicia, Carthage and the Roman Empire. Aristotle described its useful properties while Cicero spoke against its very expensive price.

Love of mankind to the fish put the sturgeon to extinction.

Its catch is banned.

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The Ararat valley again, as in biblical times has become the saving cradle for the specie which is not very numerous.

ARTEZIANICA produces sturgeon in wild conditions and with original taste. We give delight to gourmets and protect nature working on the conservation of the species diversity on our Planet.

Revival of caviar and sturgeon in Armenia opens a new page in the world of gastronomy. And we believe that caviar from Armenia will soon become a more familiar phrase than caviar from Russia or Iran.