We do not accept mediocre attitude to the quality of the fish.

Our goal is a satisfied customer.

Our task is tasty and healthy food.

The quality control department monitors the long way from an egg to an egg:

1. Water quality

2. Quality of feed

3. Control of cultivation technology

Our uniqueness is that we know all about each of our fish – when it was born, and how much and when it ate, in a water it lived, what air it breathed.

Each of our employees is responsible for ensuring that goods under the ARTEZIANICA brand name surpass expectations of our customers and meet applicable international standards.

We prepare all delicacies exclusively of chilled fish. We use only natural ingredients and selected spices.

We use old recipes and follow all centuries-old traditions

We are constantly working on improvement of our services’ quality.

We care about our reputation.

We respect your opinion. And we value your trust.

Send us your feedback, suggestion, ask a question.

Форели и осётр ARTEZIANICA