Янтарная икра ARTEZIANICA Delicatesse
Органическая икра из речной форели


250 руб.

60 gr pack

We may pack it in plastic buckets of 0.5 kg and 1.0 kg. Please state a desired packing in comments section of your order

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Product Description

Perfect juicy eggs of a bright red color have a delicate, slightly salty taste.

We get ARTEZIANICA caviar from the river trout. It is this kind of red caviar that is particularly appreciated by gourmets:

  • It has a more delicate flavor, as compared to the sea trout- there is no prominent taste of fish oil
  • Trout caviar structure is more homogeneous, with no excess of liquid, eggs are elastic and dense, if you eat a spoon of caviar just in its pure form, it will “roll” and pop deliciously in the mouth
  • The color of river-trout caviar may vary from pale yellow to scarlet.

We produce trout caviar of two kinds: the amber Delicatesse (it is more elastic and less salty and it is very much liked by children) and the red Gourmet (classic).

Trout caviar is an excellent source of protein, it is also a leader in the “sunny” D vitamin necessary for our skeletal system. The E vitamin also present in the caviar is known for its strong antioxidant properties, protecting cells from aging.

Perfect for a snack with a glass of cold brut or as part of a nutritious breakfast – with a golden crispy toast and a boiled chicken egg.

Price is for a pack.

The price is 3 000 Rubles/kg.

TR 9264-181-37676459-2013

Proteins – 31,5 g, fats – 13 g


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