Органическая форель холодного копчения ARTEZIANICA, классическая технология копчения на ольховых стружках


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200 gr

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Product Description

Juicy slices of ARTEZIANICA’s freshly-caught organic trout are prepared according to the old traditional cold-smoked technology.

Our trout is smoked dry within a few days with a cold smoke from natural alder sawdust which we import specially to Armenia. Next we add a little salt and that’s it.

In the end we get a natural organic product with a perfect taste and a delicate smoked aroma, a thin slice of which literally melts in your mouth.

Omega-3 fatty acids contained in trout reduce cholesterol levels in the body, improve brain function, and enhance the nerves and blood vessels.

Cold-smoked trout is great for sandwiches, snacks, canap?s or salads.

Price is for a pack.

TR 9262-196-37676459-2013

Fats – 10.5 g, protein – 22.0 g


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